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Tip App

From messy answer sheets to a sleek app

The idea of Tip started with a notion that betting among friends can be cumbersome. You either need to pass around an answer sheet or you have simply forgotten what everybody bet on by the time the results are out.

We found out that all existing products are targeted to a very masculine audience. Our first step was to find out who our audience is, what do they bet about and with who. We collected and analyzed survey data to give shape to our ideal customer, which revealed to be a gender neutral social butterfly.

Tip became the app name, since the name itself works in both English and Swedish and can be used as a verb “to tip”, “att tippa” instead of “bet” or “betting” which has been overused amongst all the competitors.

We intended to make tip the easiest and funniest way to make bets with your friends. Enabling bets about any topic, setting the stakes you want and inviting your friends to bet with you. The mobile app keeps track of your bets and remembers your record.

 Design as a differentiation strategy

While conducting competitor analysis, we noticed that most products in the field lack great design. Our approach from start was to make the app stand out. By dividing competitors into visual categories, we aimed to an area where differentiation would occur, and the keywords “modern with a cheerful twist” was used to create the UI Concept. White space, a key identifier shape and a bold sans serif are the foundation for the visual language.

Agency: The World Loves sister agency Lovable Lab
My role: Identity, UI Design


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