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PAF Play

Project via Hyper Island

Before we headed off for our respective internships, our team of 4 had the opportunity to work with PAF (Penningautomatförening), a gaming company at Åland Island, Finland. They are the providers of gaming tables and slot machines mostly onboard Viking Line ships.

Brief: There are approximately 9 million trips on the Viking Line each year and roughly 40% of the passengers engage in gaming activities onboard. So the brief was how might we enhance the onboard experience for existing passengers and also get more passengers to play?

Through various methods like researching, interviews, surveys, user testing, workshops and collecting data, we used the information gathered to develop 4 concepts.

These 4 concepts are based on a C.A.T. model (Core/Adjacent/Transformational) and they also serve as an inspiration for PAF to take gaming to the future.

My role: Art Direction & logo design
Team: Lauren Collins – design, Alvin Tham – project leader, Patryk Konopacki – design

Solution: Paf Play – an app that enhances the cruize experience and connects all aspects of entertainment together. Interactive gaming via the app, possibility to get tax free offers, restaurant deals, karaoke sign-ups and more.

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