Art Direction, Concept, Web design


Futurebox is a subscription service that enables companies to be updated with the latest tech products by receiving a box with the newest technology that we have chosen for them, based on their profile.

Futurebox provides a tangible experience for companies with an immense need of being up to date with the latest tech trends. The subscription package includes a monthly supply of the newest tech-products, an easy access to live-streamed trend reports, as well as unique user data from our total clientele pool, including frontrunners in the business market.

Background: In the module of Digital Strategy and Development the Hyper Island students Sofia Langenskiöld, Manoel Brasil Orlandi, Linn Livijn Wexell, Mikael Norberg Tot, Idil Erdemir and Cecilia Houtkamp, invented this concept to make sure big companies, agencies and creative schools can keep up to date with the fast evolving tech market.

My role: Art directon, Design and Concept development.

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