I’m Sofia – a Digital Designer from Helsinki with a passion for aesthetics and user-friendly solutions.

Coming from an editorial design background and realizing I live in a world where technology evolves faster than ever, I felt the importance of gaining more knowledge of the digital world and improve as a designer. At Hyper Island I studied Digital Media, and deepened my knowledge of the digital industry, team-work, solving briefs and strategic thinking.

I graduated with BA Hons in Graphic design from the UK in 2009 and worked as a graphic designer at a PR agency in Helsinki for 1,5 years. I studied Digital Media at Hyper Island in Stockholm, did my internship at Fröjd, a digital agency in Stockholm who is all about multitalent and designing straight in the browser. I have also been working as a freelancer on the side for 3 years.

I’m not just a digital designerd:

- Swedes find my ‘Finlandssvenska’ accent and word choices pretty weird.
– If I find a good song, I will play it on repeat until I never want to hear it again.
– I will talk about Stefan Sagmeister, Ellen Lupton and tech trends with whoever is interested.
– I’m a downhill skier turned snowboarder turned back into a skier. Give me two beers and I’m down that hill faster than everybody together.

Specialties: Digital design (web/mobile), Graphic Design, Branding & Identity and Concept development.

Tools I use: Webflow, C4D, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, WordPress.

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